About me

Hi, I’m Corina and I’m a handmade lover, avid crafter, board game geek, blog and coffee addict. On my day job I work as a computer programmer. I’ve been living in Munich, Germany for two years now with my husband and, as of January this year, with our cat, Lulu, whose adventures you can follow on this blog.  Oh, and I’m also a diabetic.

About this blog

I’ve blogged about the fun life with diabetes for over a year in my native language, and 2012’s D-Blog Week was an awesome opportunity to start blogging in English.

I never felt at ease just blogging about diabetes. At the beginning it was just a way for me to express how I felt about it and helped me cope with trying to get back on track with my diabetes self-management, after ignoring it for such a long time. It helped.

But then I’m a creative person. When I was diagnosed, a day before Mom’s birthday, I was making her a gift. I had found in an old almanac a nice and simple embroidery pattern with three snowdrops. When they admitted me in the hospital, I took it with me and continued to work on it. I had to adjust to the on-schedule meals and snacks and shots at every meal. My life changed but the world didn’t, Mom’s birthday was still the next day so I kept working on the embroidery. 19 years after, Mom still has it.

After I got out of hospital, I spent a couple of days at home, to adjust to diabetes outside hospital before going back to school. I was living with my grandparents back then and they had these doors with glass panels. So I asked Gran to let me paint them. She let me, so I got myself busy with acrylic paint.

When I first started making jewelry, people kept asking about a blog or a web page where they could see it. I thought about starting a handmade blog but I’ve never managed to update regularly one blog, let alone two.

As you can see, diabetes and creativity were never apart in my life. After some consideration, I decided they sould play along nicely on my blog as well.

Why blueinsulinpumps?

When I created this blog, I chose the name because my first ever pump was blue. And my second one – I changed the pump type but not the color 🙂 . And when my second pump broke, I got a blue replacement.

Then I tweaked this blog a bit, and started to write about other stuff than my diabetes. But I choose to keep the name.

Blue is a color I like and I use it a lot in my crafts. Blue is the color of the diabetes circle. I created blue postcards for the WDDPE initiative, and the Blue Fridays project made me get creative with the blue items in my wardrobe and my blue accessories.

Insulin is obviously something we all need in order to live. Unlike other people with functioning pancreases, I take mine from a 10 ml bottle.

Pumps are what I like to walk in. With high heels or not, with bows or straps or cute clips to embellish them. Oh, and a pump, an insulin pump, is what I use to get the above-mentioned insulin.


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